Nigerian letters, examples and recommendations.

Letter number 2 Examples of nigerians letters
Letter 2 Subject: FROM MR. GEORGE WILLIAM. From: "GEORGE WILLIAM" <> MEMO: BANK OF SCOTLAND FROM THE DESK OF MR GEORGE WILLIAM DATE: 16TH JULY 2009. Good day, I know this will come to you as a surprise but the need to involve a reliable and honest person to transfer a huge amount of Funds. I am Mr. George William, Chief Executive of Corporate (BANK OF SCOTLAND , LONDON ) The real owner of the Fgeorge_will50@msn.comund is an expatri ...
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About My-Addr Project
Project started 2008-10-01. We want to provide functionality and information liked with network for administrators, webmasters and advanced users. We want to create biggest set of tools and utils, libraries, articles that can be maximaly useful for our users. My-Addr Project. Now My-Addr project contain about 20 network tools: My IP, geo, request tools : 3 User-Agent tools : 2 Email Address tools : 3 MX/NS/DNS and WHOIS tools : 5 Custom IP info, reverse lookup : 2 Address ...
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