Letter number 2


Letter number 2

Examples of nigerians letters

Letter 2

From: "GEORGE WILLIAM" <george_will55@msn.com>

DATE: 16TH JULY 2009.

Good day, I know this will come to you as a surprise but the need to involve a
reliable and honest person to transfer a huge amount of Funds.
I am Mr. George William, Chief Executive of Corporate (BANK OF SCOTLAND , LONDON )

The real owner of the Fgeorge_will50@msn.comund is an expatriate in London ; He died
on the 7 july 2005 Bomb Blast at Tavistock- Square . I traced his next of
kin/Business Associate with the address he filled in when he opened the Account to
inform him to come and claim his Inheritance funds but to my greatest surprise, I
found out he is extinct.

On my further investigation, I discover out also no body knows about owners Dormant
Account informations or while the account has not been Benefited. I want you to
front and inherit these funds so that two of us can convert it to our own. Whereas I
cannot lay claims on the funds by my self that is why I have to contact you to use
your name as the next of kin/beneficiary of the funds.

I will use my High-Rank position here in the Bank to effect the claims with Legal
approvals document and onward Transfer of the money to your nominated Account as the
Next of Kin/Beneficiary of the funds with appropriate clearance from probate
registry & Foreign Payment Department. I will take 70% and you will take 30% of the
total sum hoping that the sharing ratio is admissible.

N:B, I want you to understand that this proposal is highly confidential as it is
only between both of us, you should not relent it to anybody about this transaction
until we transfer the funds to your nominated Account. I am waiting for your urgent
response whereby your respose will detil you more what to do next on the execution
of the funds.

My Regards,
Mr.George William.

What i become to know after it

I'm trace headers with free online email trace route tool and find that country is Malaysia,
i verify email address exist and find that it's real, but "Mr. George William" never working as Chief Executive of Corporate (BANK OF SCOTLAND , LONDON ).

Создан 22 авг 2009

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