Nigerian letters, examples and recommendations.

What is this site about? This site about some kind of method to get money from trustful people. Here we will show few real letters that was sended to me, and tell what was after.

Letter 1

Subject: "Dear Friend,"
From: "robert ado" <>

Dear Friend,
First of all based on what is going on all over the internet world, people find it
very difficult to believe things like this any more.If you can guarantee me from
your own side, your trust,honesty, I will be able to work with you.I will appreciate
if you can come down here yourself and see things for yourself before we proceed and
this will make things clearer for us.
But why I 'm sending you this letter, I think if that situation has a place in the
internet world, maybe one from 1000 has a real transaction.
I am Robert Ado, a solicitor at law. I am the personal attorney/sole executor to the
"WILL" of my late client Mr. Richard Gordon,who worked as an independent oil
Business magnate in the country, and who died in a car crash with his immediate
family on the 5th of Nov. 2004. Since the death of my client,I have written several
letters to the embassy with an intent to locate any of his extended relatives who
shall be beneficiaries of his abandoned Fund and all such efforts have been to no
avail. After the transaction has been accomplished,40% will be for you involved, 10%
for miscellaneous expenses and the remaining 50% for me. Please if you feel
interested, I crave your indulgence to please contact me through this email
address.. As I have said earlier, all I need is your assistance and support so that
we can both carry out this project. I decided to contact you so that we can talk and
see how we can put heads together and achieve this. On this note, I wish to present
you to the finance company, as the surviving relative to my late client so that we
can put in claims for payment with your name as the beneficiary of the fund. I will
appreciate if you can send me the following.
1.Your Full Names.
2.Your current Mobile telephone and fax numbers(for rapid
3.Your age.
5.Your Current address.
This will enable me file necessary documents at our high court probate division for
the release of this sum of money in your favour. I intend to invest my own shares in
your country,under your management in any viable business venture. I will send you
more details as soon as I hear from you.
You can contact me with (
Yours faithfully,
Robert Ado .

And what next?
I'm try to trace email headers (not a lots people know that it's can be possible to find email sender's IP from email letter). I'm use trace email address tool and find that man, who talking about "Oil in country" living in Côte d'Ivoire.

Côte d'Ivoire (also known as the Ivory Coast), in western Africa on the Gulf of Guinea, is a little larger than New Mexico. Its neighbors are Liberia, Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Ghana. The country consists of a coastal strip in the south, dense forests in the interior, and savannas in the north.

I'm write some answer with my address, and they mail me a letter with "documents", it was documents with government "stamps" that was actual 10 years ago. The text step was - "pls arrive to me urgently until 10 of June, because after this date it will be impossible to do something" - but when i'm answer that i can't do it right now, but can do it thought two month but with 10,000$ he told me that waiting for me. :)

It's very old system of deception, that have big experience and if you will go to Africa you can never back.

Next examples and comments coming soon.